Face of Worship Exodus

Every year, Worship Exodus designates a brand ambassador for the organization in what is called “The Face of Worship Exodus.” The designated “Face of Worship Exodus” has a song and a music video produced for them by the Worship Exodus organization and they are expected to continue championing causes related to gospel music throughout the tenure of their designation which is one year. This yearly contribution to the music/cultural richness of the nation is a step towards enhancing national development.

Worship Exodus also recently brought together a variety of artists for the performance of an original single More Than Survivor (Available on YouTube). The music video for the gospel/inspirational track was recently released by Redeem Media and has gone a long way to contribute its quota towards the already rich repertoire of Cameroonian gospel music. The excellence and professionalism displayed in the recording of the song and the filming of the video is testament to Worship Exodus’ resolve to set the pace for quality products from the budding gospel music industry in Cameroon.

Meet Javis Ndeh, the Face of Worship Exodus for 2020

Tabua Javis Ndeh, also popularly known as Pastor Javis, is a verified Prophet by calling and Worship Revivalist.

Javis Ndeh is sent to the weak, the sick and the needy young believers, with a special mandate to present the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, the unconditional love of God and true worship with excellence and evidence for the rise of the glorious Church.

He is a trained Pastor from the Congregation Baptiste Camerounaise/Redemption Ground International School of Ministry.

Javis Ndeh is one of Cameroon’s most prominent young worship ministers with a ministry characterised by the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit, powerful prophetic utterances, and tangible healing praise reports by the grace of God. Hallelujah!

The finest minister in Cameroon has a recorded worship song titled “Forever Hallelujah” Watch it on YouTube.