Face of Worship Exodus

Every year, Worship Exodus designates a brand ambassador for the organization in what is called “The Face of Worship Exodus.” The designated “Face of Worship Exodus” has a song and a music video produced for them by the Worship Exodus organization and they are expected to continue championing causes related to gospel music throughout the tenure of their designation which is one year. This yearly contribution to the music/cultural richness of the nation is a step towards enhancing national development.

Worship Exodus also recently brought together a variety of artists for the performance of an original single More Than Survivor (Available on YouTube). The music video for the gospel/inspirational track was recently released by Redeem Media and has gone a long way to contribute its quota towards the already rich repertoire of Cameroonian gospel music. The excellence and professionalism displayed in the recording of the song and the filming of the video is testament to Worship Exodus’ resolve to set the pace for quality products from the budding gospel music industry in Cameroon.

Meet Grace Bethel, one of the Faces of Worship Exodus 2021

Worship Exodus is honored to make public the first Face of Worship Exodus 2021 in the person of Grace Bethel. She will be partnering with the other Face of worship Exodus 2021 to champion the course of our vision. The two faces will be releasing a duet to be our theme song for the year 2021 and they will be lead faces for our tours.
Here is a little background of Grace Bethel. 
Born May 30, 1999 in Yaoundé and daughter of a pastor, it was at the age of 6 (six) that her talent was noticed in the religious world by multiple choirs of which she was part, religious concerts and TV shows such as “Rent and Play” in a Cameroonian TV channel in 2009.
In 2011, Grâce Béthel participated in Star de Demain, a TV show that was very popular at the time and which put young singing talents in competition, and Grâce Bethel that year was able, despite her young age (11 years), to captivate the attention from all the public who did not hesitate to support her through the votes. This is how she was unanimously chosen as THE BEST TALENT of STAR DE DEMAIN.
A year later, she released her very first Album entitled “Revelation” in which she expressed herself through a variety of music. Between urban rhythm, gospel and world music, WAYO WAYO is the title that was well received, which earned its nomination at the CANAL D’OR 2014 in the category BEST REVELATION OF THE YEAR.    
Grace Bethel has so far been requested for several podiums (concert) among others: Yafe, Douala hip hop festival, urban colors, Mboa Awards, Annual show, Fomaric. She has been solicited both nationally and internationally, notably in GABON, CONGO, RWANDA through the title “JESUS ​​IS MY LIFE” and several interpretations.
In 2015, for a collective work in the studio, her voice was noticed by GREGROIRE PIWELE, the promoter of the fashion festival “Annual show fashion week”
We are very elated to bring Grace Bethel on board.

Meet Eyong Carl, one of the Faces of Worship Exodus 2021

Worship Exodus is again honored to make public the second Face of Worship Exodus 2021 in the person of Eyong Carl. He will be joining the first Face of worship Exodus, Grace Bethel to champion the course of our vision. The two faces will be releasing a duet to be our theme song for the year 2021 and will be the lead faces for our tours.

Here’s a background of Eyong Carl.

Born 1st of July 1995 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon to Mr/Mrs Bate, Eyong Carl is the first of five children.
Growing up in Buea, Eyong Carl attended St. Theresa Nursery and Primary School, PCSS, BGS Molyko where he obtained his O/L and Summerset where he got his A/L. He is currently doing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performing and Visual Art in the University of Buea. 
Eyong Carl’s love for music started at a very tender age and hasn’t left since then. He has been seen gracing stages and doing backup vocals for some of Cameroon’s prominent artists like, Prosper Menko, Rochie Osvalin, Abigail Phillip, Emma Gospel, King’s Night event, and now Worship Exodus as the Face for 2021 along side Grace Bethel.
In September 2020, he won the Gospel for Life competition in Douala.
We are very elated to bring Eyong Carl on board as a co-Face for our 2021 edition.